West Ward Community Coalition


The West Ward Community Coalition brings together residents stakeholders, and elected and appointed officials, supported by researchers and other professional expertise. The purpose of the collaborative is to:

  • Identify and share with stakeholders information on current and planned redevelopment and revitalization activity (programs, strategies, etc.) in Newark’s West Ward;
  • Open the dialogue on opportunities and challenges in the West Ward and identify areas for collaboration, strategic planning, resource development, training, research and other activities to support improved outcomes;
  • Jointly develop strategies that harness the capacities of stakeholders and strategically align and facilitate partnerships to increase impacts through targeted planning and action.
  • Establish goals, objectives and metrics; monitor and assess progress and mechanisms to improve information sharing among residents and stakeholders.
About the West Ward Community


The West Ward is one of twenty communities within the city of Newark, NJ.  Its population includes 55,000 residents in the historic neighborhoods of Fairmount, Lower and Upper Roseville, Westside Ivy Hill and Valisburg. The Ward features several parks and public recreation facilities that make each neighborhood a place where community thrives. The economic corridors of South Orange Avenue, Orange Street and more serve as major retail shopping strips in the Ward. Here you will find a diverse set of shopping options and restaurants that hold many Caribbean and West Indian flavors that make these areas an exciting place for tourism and culture.

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